Welcome Parents and Youth Athletes

Whether your young athlete is just beginning their volleyball career or has played volleyball for years or whether they are happy playing recreationally, or have dreams of being a member of the Cayman National Volleyball team, you can have a dramatic impact on their success on and off the court. That impact will come from supporting your child through the wins and losses, and encouraging them to do their best, and understanding what opportunities they have within the sport.

The Journey of Raising a Volleyball Player

Why Volleyball?

Your child has the potential to see many benefits from playing volleyball, including improved physical health, strength and fitness, better social and leadership skills and improved time management and academic performance. Discover why volleyball is the perfect sport for so many children and may be a great fit for your child as well.

The Basics

Children can start to learn ball-handling skills from as young as 9-yrs old. It is also great for children to start building strong volleyball fundamental skills at the age.

Indoor Volleyball or Beach Volleyball?

There is no requirement for youth players to have to choose to play either of these sports exclusively. If they would like to, they can play both. Even at the college level, we see volleyball athletes playing both sports.


Youth development is a key priority and focus for CIVF. Throughout the year we provide numerous free clinics for young players to get the opportunity to receive direct instruction from the CIVF Technical Director and National Team Coach. Please check our calendar of events for dates and also feel free to reach out to the CIVF Director responsible for youth at youthvolleyball@civf.ky.

Finding a Volleyball Team or Club

Joining a team or club is a great way for your child to build their volleyball skills. Playing for their school’s indoor or beach volleyball team can also be a great introduction to volleyball and a way to develop their volleyball skills very quickly.


CIVF has a number of sanctioned clubs that we can connect you with. If you would like assistance, please reach out to the CIVF Director responsible for youth at youthvolleyball@civf.ky.