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Friday September 20 2019 

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Camana Bay Corporate Volleyball

MaplesFS crowned Corporate League Championships!!



Wednesday night, April 18, 2018 brought the end of this years Camana Bay Co-Ed Corporate League and with trophies and pride at stake, nobody was holding back.


First up, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and DART B were playing for 5th place in a close three sets. DART took an early lead thanks to excellent communication and teamwork and PWC struggled to find their rhythm. DART held focus and with captain, Jeffrey Wight registering several kills they won the first set 25-11 and looked strong heading into the second. Tables turned and both teams were level throughout. On offense it was Johann Kleyn of PWC who registered the most kills and his team pulled into the lead and won the set 25-19. It was anyone’s game in the third and final set with excellent defensive play from Cristin Alexander of PWC who helped lead her team to a 15-8 victory. In a losing effort it was Brian Ogilvie who registered the most blocks for DART-B. PWC take 5th place and DART B finish in 6th place for the league. 


Meanwhile on the other court was a hotly contested battle for Bronze between Cayman National Bank (CNB) and KPMG. Both had played in the semi-finals matches on Monday which saw MaplesFS (MFS) secure their spot in the finals barely winning the first set 25-23 over CNB only to win with ease in the second set 25-7 following numerous service aces from Tapiwa Manyikwa of MFS. KPMG took on Wheaton Precious Metals, formerly Silver Wheaton (SLV) and won their first set but were unable to hold off SLV who bounced back to win 26–24 in the second set and 16-14 in the third deciding set.


In this third place match KPMG took an early lead with offense led by Davison Ruwende who registered the most kills for his team and several block kills. CNB couldn’t quite keep up and KPMG won the first set 25-21. With it all to play for, CNB turned up the heat and showed why they’ve been at the top throughout the whole league. Eric Webster and John Lewis were a force to be reckoned with, registering multiple kills each, and a series of serves from captain Woodley Scott took them into the lead and gave them the win 25-21, forcing a tie breaker. Defensively it was Cindy Reid of KPMG who shone but despite taking an early lead, KPMG began to fall behind leaving the path clear for CNB to take the win. After a nail biting match, CNB won 15-9 to take 3rd place, leaving KPMG in a very respectable 4th place and both teams seeing significant improvement since last years event. 


The mood shifted and the crowd gathered as MFS and SLV took to the court to fight for the top spot. Reigning champions MFS showed from the beginning that they meant business, barely giving SLV a chance to catch their breath throughout this match. Leading the attack, David Bakker of MFS was on top form registering the most kills of the game, closely followed by Kevin Solomon who also registered several key blocks. Cindy Joe set both players for kills and also served the most aces of the game. With a final score line of 25-14 and 25-15 MaplesFS once again stamped their name on the championship trophy. These scores left the title undisputed as MFS took the top spot and SLV finished in 2nd place. In a losing effort it was Eric Wilson and Marcus Patterson who fought valiantly for SLV, both registering several kills and blocks each for their team with defense led by Lisa Strachan.


When asked about his teams repeat victory, MFS Team Captain Melanie Whittaker said, the team had a phenomenal win and played awesome with good spikes, blocking, digging, light touches and serving, reiterating she was very proud of the team and already has eyes set on 2019.


CIVF would like to thank all teams and volunteers, especially the referees who have made this league such a huge success. Please visit www.civf.ky for more results and highlights.












 2017 Camana Bay Corp. VB League


League FlyerClick link below for: 

Registration Form








  1. Matching uniform shirts/jerseys with numbers (1-24) on the back are required.



  1. All players’ names must be on the registered team roster.
  2. Final Team rosters are due by the 4th week of league play.



  1. A legal team consists of 6 players: 3 front-row players and 3 back-row players and at least two of these players must be women.
  2. A team must begin and end a game with 6 players unless it has started with six players and there is an injury to a player during play.
  3. Two women must be on the court. The number of women on the court may exceed 2 at any time.
  4. Teams may sub players into a game as additional team members arrive.



1.    The referees’ decisions are final.

2.    During the game no player, other than the Team Captain (who should be identified prior to each game), may speak to the referee with respect to disputed points.



  1. A coin toss will determine a team captain’s choice of serve, receive, or court side for 1st and 3rd game. The loser of the coin toss will have the same choices for the 2nd game only.
  2. During the 1st and 2nd games, all scoring is rally to 25 (30 Point cap). Third game, rally to 15 (20 Point Cap).
  3. At the time a ball is contacted during service, all players must be in correct serving order and within the boundaries of the court.
  4. A non-serving player’s foot may touch the line but may not touch outside the line.
  5. After service, players may exchange positions.
  6. ball:
    • Is considered in-bounds if it touches the line.
    • Is considered out-of-bounds if it lands completely outside the court lines or touches any object outside the court (net posts, ref stands, etc.). Net cables and stretcher poles are part of the court.
    • May be played with any part of the body.
    • May be hit simultaneously by two teammates, counting as one contact. Either player may make the next contact.
    • May be double hit on blocks and attacks only, as long as the attacking player contacts the ball with one hand above their head.
    • Does not have to be contacted by a woman. However, if the referee determines that male domination is occurring, a yellow card is issued. If domination continues, a red card is issued.
  1. side out occurs when a team that served a ball fails to earn a point before the ball is dead, causing a ball possession turnover to the other team for service.
  2. Common play violations include: liftingdouble touchingfoot faultsout of bounds, and net.
  3. The referee will determine when a ball is dead and/or a play has ended.
  4. If a violation occurs after the ball is dead, but during the normal course or continuation of the play, the referee will determine the fault.
  5. Cards 3C/td>    7:30pm2DARTvs.SLVCIS GYM    21-MarTUE 6:00pm1PWCvs.MFSCIS GYMPractice TimeWeek 4 Practice 6:00pm2D&Tvs.DARTCIS GYMPractice Time 7:00PM1M&Cvs.SLVCIS GYMPractice Time 7:00PM2KPMGvs.CNBCIS GYMPractice Time22-MarWED 6:00pm1DARTvs.M&CCIS GYM    Week 4 Games 6:00pm2D&Tvs.CNBCIS GYM     7:30pm1KPMGvs.PWCCIS GYM     7:30pm2MFSvs.SLVCIS GYM    28-MarTUE 6:00pm1M&Cvs.KPMGCIS GYMPractice TimeWeek 5 Practice 6:00pm2CNBvs.MFSCIS GYMPractice Time 7:00PM1PWCvs.D&TCIS GYMPractice Time 7:00PM2DARTvs.SLVCIS GYMPractice Time29-MarWED 6:00pm1KPMGvs.MFSCIS GYM    Week 5 Games 6:00pm2CNBvs.SLVCIS GYM     7:30pm1M&Cvs.D&TCIS GYM     7:30pm2PWCvs.DARTCIS GYM    4-AprTUE 6:00pm1DARTvs.M&CCIS GYMPractice TimeWeek 6 Practice 6:00pm2D&Tvs.CNBCIS GYMPractice Time 7:00PM1KPMGvs.PWCCIS GYMPractice Time 7:00PM2MFSvs.SLVCIS GYMPractice Time5-AprWED 6:00pm1CNBvs.PWCCIS GYM    Week 6 Games 6:00pm2SLVvs.D&TCIS GYM     7:30pm1MFSvs.M&CCIS GYM     7:30pm2DARTvs.KPMGCIS GYM    25-AprTUE 6:00pm1KPMGvs.MFSCIS GYMPractice TimeWeek 7 Practice 6:00pm2CNBvs.SLVCIS GYM 



  1. A serve occurs when a player serves a ball into play by tossing then contacting the ball with their hand or arm, using either overhand or underhand techniques.
  2. A serving player may serve a ball from any point behind the backline and within the corners of sidelines.
  3. The serving player may neither step on the backline nor touch the court until the ball is contacted.
  4. The serving player must wait for the referee’s signal and whistle before serving. Only one warning is given before the referee calls a side out.
  5. After the referee’s signal for service, the serving player has 8 seconds to put the ball into play.
  6. Player’s on the receiving team may not block or attack a serve.
  7. All points received during a service out-of-turn are kept. Lineup should then be reestablished and a side out called.
  8. Each team is responsible for service order, as is the referee.
  9. A serve may not be received with open hands.
  10. A ball may contact the net and go over during a serve.



  1. spike/attack is an over-handed contact with a ball (sometimes while jumping), and usually the third contact a team makes before attempting to score a kill.
  2. Players are not allowed to spike/attack or dink a ball when it is completely on the opposite side of the net.
  3. A spike/attack must be clearly contacted; the player may not palm, throw, or double the ball.
  4. Power dinks are not allowed.
  5. Back-row players may spike or block a ball in the front row (in front of the 3 meter line) ONLY if their attacking hand remains below the height of the net when contacting the ball, UNLESS that player’s last contact with the ground was behind the 3 meter line.



  1. block is the attempt by a player(s) to interrupt the ball before, as, or just after it crosses the net.
  2. A player is determined to be blocking when he or she is positioned within an arm’s distance of the net with hand(s) above their head.
  3. A blocker may block a ball that has penetrated the vertical plane of the net.
  4. A blocker may block a ball on the opponent’s side of the court only when:
  5. The attacking team has made its final contact.
  6. Anytime the attacking player has, in the referee’s opinion, directed the ball into the blocker’s court.
  7. Any time the attacking team has made an unsuccessful attempt to attack the ball (i.e. a swing and miss).
  8. A ball may be directed by the blocker, but may not come to rest on or be carried by the blocker.
  9. When a ball is blocked back into the attacking player, the attacker is not subsequently considered a blocker, and may contact the ball only once.
  10. Any sustained simultaneous contact of the ball by opposing players over the net is permissible.



  1. All net heights are set at “men’s” height 8”
  2. A player may cross under the net as long as contact or interference with play does not occur.
  3. An opposing player may not interfere, or attempt to interfere, with a player trying to play a ball under the net.
  4. A player may not place his or her hand(s) or body in front of the net with intent to prevent the ball from rebounding out of the net on the opposing teams side of the court.
  5. Hair and clothing are not considered net violations, provided the referee is able to determine that the player’s body did not come in contact as well.
  6. A net infraction occurs when a player contacts the net while attempting to play the ball. A point is then awarded to the other team



  1. replay may occur when:
  2. An object enters the court and there is interference with play.
  3. A warning is issued for serving before the referee’s signal (only one warning).
  4. A player is injured while the ball is in play.
  5. An inadvertent whistle occurs.



  1. A substitute may enter the game any time the ball is dead, with permission from the referee.
  2. A substitute MUST check in with the referee prior to entering the game.
  3. When a player re-enters during a game, he or she must re-enter for the same player/in the same position, which they were replaced.
  4. A team has unlimited substitutions per game.



  1. game consists of 25 rally points.
  2. The 3rd game is rally points to 15
  3. match consists of the best 2 of 3 games.
  4. A team must win by 2 points, with a 30 point cap during the first two games and 20 point cap in the 3rd game.
  5. There is no time limit per game or match.
  6. Each team is allotted (2) 60-second timeouts and (2) 20-second timeouts per game.
  7. No more than (2) timeouts may be used consecutively, regardless of type.
  8. Teams may take 60-second side changes on score multiples 20 (games to 25) and 10 (games to 15).



  1. Any player may be issued a card(s) at the referee’s discretion for profanity, pulling on nets, kicking or throwing balls, harassing opposing team members, arguing with referees, or any poor sportsmanship behavior deemed inappropriate by a referee.
  2. yellow card is issued to a player as a one-time warning to refrain from a certain violation.
  3. red card is issued to a player after verbal warning has not ceased a player from violating the rules. A red card, may also be issued on any major violation.
  4. A referee may dismiss/disqualify a player from a game after two or more red cards are given to that player for any single or multiple violation(s). Contact league director for any additional action.



  1. Any team not ready to begin play at the scheduled time will forfeit one point per minute.
  2. The first game will end after 15 minutes.
  3. The second game will end after 15 minutes, and match called.
  4. Forfeited games will be scored 25-0.

Timeouts may not be used unless a legal team is on the court.


Camana Bay Corporate Volleyball League

2018 Final Team Standings Table




















Silver Wheaton









Cayman National Bank






















































Maples & Calder
























All games were played at the Arts and Recreational Centre (ARC), Camana Bay